Pre-planning is a step you can take before your death occurs. The effort you put into planning your funeral in advance will allow your family to grieve when you pass and make decisions for your funeral knowing exactly what you wanted. This relieves some stress when it comes to honoring your wishes, and even relieves financial strain if your plan is pre-paid. Once your funeral arrangement is paid for, any inflation to our prices will not affect your bill. 

Funerals are often one of the largest purchases a consumer can make. Planning for this event financially can be very helpful to your loved ones. To set aside money to cover all funeral expenses and have it protected in the event of a Medicaid spend down situation, the funds must be placed in an irrevocable account. Prairie Oaks offers interest bearing insurance policies that are available as both irrevocable and revocable. 

*Pre-planning or prepaying for funeral services does not lock you in to use a specific funeral home since the funds (if prepayed) are never held by the funeral home. Switching funeral providers is as simple as notifying your next of kin or care provider and supplying the new funeral provider of your choice with a photo copy of your prearrangements. If you are ready to pre-plan and/or prepay for funeral services, or have any additional questions, call anytime at (651) 300-9549

Why Plan Ahead?

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